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About CBT

CranioBiotic Technique is a exciting and powerful new evaluation and treatment method that commands the brain and/or immune system to focus on -- and correct -- a specific health problem. This is accomplished by the gentle stimulation of specific reflex points on the cranium and upper body. These points are unique for each problem that is being treated.

The History of CBT

It all began in 2002 during my own quest for better health, when I discovered that the stimulation of specific cranial points could quickly eliminate allergic reactions to just about anything. Soon I had developed it into an allergy testing and treatment method that I named AllerTouch. This treatment proved to be so effective that I guaranteed it's effectiveness.
After trying variations of this treatment for other health problems, it soon became obvious that this same basic type of technique was amazingly effective for identifying and correcting almost any type of "health stressor" or "immune challenge". Quite frankly, it was unusual when the technique didn't work.
Because of its remarkable effectiveness for so many different conditions I decided to change the name from AllerTouch to CranioBiotic Technique. Since developing CBT, I have helped thousands of patients with difficult conditions, very often in a miraculous way.
Up until 2006, I had decided to keep CBT to myself. But more and more patients, and doctors, were telling me that I needed to teach this technique. However, I didn't feel that I had the time or energy that was necessary to do this, especially since most of my energy was being expended at my very busy practice. But as time went by, I felt that this was something I needed to do.

CBT is Powerful, Exciting and User-Friendly

  • CBT incorporates a wealth of very  powerful but  simple techniques that you can use individually -- or as a system.  Many practitioners use one or more CBT technique on every patient that they see.
  • With CBT, you and your patients are not chained to a rigid, time-consuming or tedious evaluation and treatment protocol.  CBT techniques can easily be added to even the busiest type of practice.
  • You will be able to quickly and confidently identify most common “health stressors” and “immune challenges” that may be undermining a patient’s health.   You will also be able to accurately  identify and correct the cause of an acute illness in  less than a minute.
  • Every CBT correction process can easily be performed in about 10 seconds, and its effectiveness can be determined immediately  afterward.
  • If you choose to perform the entire CBT evaluation  (environmental and food allergies, infectious organisms, toxins, and physiological dysfunctions),  it will take only about 20 minutes.   A complete allergy exam takes about 8 minutes.  Also, because you are working directly with the brain, you will find that no other allergy elimination technique is more simple and effective than CBT.
  • With CBT, you will no longer be using nutritional “remedies” --- because the brain will correct the problem much more quickly and effectively than any supplement.  This is one reason why CBT is not sponsored by a nutritional company.
  • CBT is also a powerful, non-force treatment for muscle, joint, and disc problems.  This technique creates immediate, amazing  results --- and a lot of patient excitement.   There is no other technique that comes close to being this simple and effective.  Doctors have told us that this technique by itself  is worth the price of the seminar.  And this is only about one-fifth of the powerful CBT techniques that you will learn.
  • CBT is very easy for your patients to understand, and it does not  look weirdly esoteric.  You will never be faced with doubt or skepticism due to a patient’s inability to comprehend what you are doing.
  • CBT is very gentle, non-force and pain free.  This allows the elderly, disabled, and even newborns to be safely and comfortably treated.

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All information on this site is only for the education of health care practitioners. It is not to be used for the diagnosis, treatment, or self-treatment of any condition.

There is no guarantee of any specific results from the application of CBT procedures. Some patients will not respond to CBT. You alone are completely responsible for the results you achieve by applying CBT procedures. Not all practitioners achieve the same results.

In no event shall Dr. Anthony Smith be liable for any injury or damages arising from the use of any CBT procedures that are presented, demonstrated or discussed at the CBT seminar. Also, Dr. Smith is not aware of the current level of expertise of any of the CBT practitioners whose names appear on this site. He therefore can not endorse or recommend any of those practitioners.

CBT is not a medical diagnostic procedure, and therefore does not diagnose or treat a disease. The identification of allergens, infectious or toxic agents, or organ dysfunction requires specific medical laboratory procedures, which the CBT evaluation is not a substitute for. Rather, the CBT evaluation is a means by which the body's natural reflexes are used to determine what substance(s) or dysfunction(s) may be causing health problems. CBT treatment is then used to greatly enhance your body's awareness of those specific substance(s) or dysfunction(s) so that it can effectively correct them.

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